USA 2016: Downtown Reno, Nevada

Also known as "The Biggest Little City in the World"

We passed by Reno after our Lake Tahoe trip and before San Francisco. We heard that it's similar to "our" Las Vegas Strip because casino hotels also abound the area so we decided to take a look. We messaged a friend who lives there so we had someone to walk us around.

Push ko 'to. hahaha!

There are a lot of wall murals in Reno just like the one at my back. 
Unlike Las Vegas, it snows in Reno during the winter season and it's cold and windy there all year round. It's a more chill place compared to Vegas.

You can actually feel that you're in a province compared to Vegas which is usually more crowded... and wild. hahahaha
Ducks at the Truckee River, the only river outlet of Lake Tahoe which drains to Pyramid Lake in Grand Basin National Park. 
Washoe County Courthouse

Wall climbing. <3 HAHAHA. Hindi ko keri ganyan kataas. :))
Downtown Reno's version of Las Vegas Strip. Unlike Vegas Strip though that until the end of my stay I wasn't able to go around all the hotels, we were able to go around the entire area in just one afternoon. 
Better view of the clear Truckee River. Sana ganito rin mga river sa'tin, noh? 
By the way, Reno is also called the River Walk District. 

Miss ko na 'yung buhok kong mukhang na -dryer kahit na hindi. Bad hair day everyday na naman. 
Downtown Reno is a quiet place and a very walkable. I can spend an entire afternoon walking and relaxing here, iba eh. It felt like Baguio to me - only a lot better. 
pero hindi ka naman dumating... </3

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