USA 2016: Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point, San Francisco, California

I forgot where this photo was taken but it was a quick stop before heading to Fort Point. If Battery Spencer of Marin County has the best view of the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, Fort Point offers the best experience, at least for me.
You can go to Fort Point following your GPS. 
After several pictures, the waves of the San Francisco Bay decided to welcome me in the most special way.
The wave from the bay got a little high that it reached me as I turned around and checked my phone.
Look at that person who was surfing and look at me taking everything in. hahaha. Without even thinking that if that person is able to surf then the waves must be high, right? :))) Feel na feel ko pa eh. 
I turned around and then the wave hit me! Ako lang talaga! The two cars on my side didn't even got wet. What the heck, waves!

I shouted so loud because I was surprised that even if the other tourists didn't notice the wave, they still looked towards me and then they saw how drenched I was. haha!
Buti na lang, hindi dagat na basura. haha. I was forced to change into other clothes. Huhuhu. My hair got wet too and I had no more shorts so I just had to bear with it, let it air dry, and hope that the smell of the ocean water will fade with the sun.

Not when I bought this before our trip just so I'll have new clothes to wear sa pictures in San Francisco. Kalurkey!

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