Visa-Free Taiwan for Filipinos: Shifen Old Street

I don't have a lot of pictures from Shifen Old Street, Shifen Waterfalls, and Jiufen Old Street because it was raining almost all the time. Haaay. During these times, I miss my waterproof camera. Hay! :( Bakit ko ba kasi nalaglag 'yon?! At bakit kasi saktong sakto na 'yung pagiging waterproof pa niya ang mawala sa pagbagsak?? Hahaha. K whatever.

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Anyway, in this post here. I've  already given the instructions on how to go to Shifen riding a train from Taipei Main Station. 

We took pictures at the rail and walked around the stalls for some time. There are souvenir shops and food stalls in this area but there were too much of them so we weren't able to choose... ended up not eating here at all. lol. 

Continued walking and we reached this hanging bridge. We thought that Shifen Waterfalls is walking distance from this area but it turned out that it was quite far that we just decided to take a cab. 

We wanted to save money (and the Earth. lol) that's why we decided not to purchase sky lanterns in Shifen. Makakarating pa rin naman sa universe 'yung mga wish and prayers namin nonetheless.

From what we've observed, the souvenirs were a little cheaper at this place. Kapag turista, walang makakapigil sa'tin?! HAHAHA!

After going back from the waterfalls, we walked towards the station and it was only then we knew that you can use the transportation card to pay your train fare... sayang! may kaunting discount pa naman. 

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