Visa-free Taiwan for Filipinos: Maokong Village

At the end of the picturesque Maokong Cable Car, you'll reach Maokong Village which is known for its tea culture and different beginner-friendly hiking trails. 

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The Village became a quick stop for us since the day was ending (fast) when we got here; we stayed for only three hours so we weren't able to explore the hiking trails (something that I was looking forward to tbh, because I still dream of having my photo taken in a tea field. lol)

Instead, we just ate since there were a lot of food options there! :3

Whatever this is, this became one of my favorite food in Taiwan. Hindi siya hotdog pero hindi rin naman sausage. 

Make use of your coins when you're travelling abroad unless you want to keep those as souvenirs.

One thing I was really looking forward back then was tasting this soft-served matcha ice cream in Maokong. I'd search for Maokong in Instagram before our trip and this ice cream was always posted in the tagged photos.


We tried to walk for a bit to find more places to explore but it was drizzling so we weren't able to.

That place above is what I wanted to visit.

But heck

Being surrounded by fog, mountains, and low-lying clouds were all I needed to make this trip a very memorable one.

Aside from cat statues, there are some 3D paintings in the village.

We wanted to take the bus down the mountain but soon decided to just take the cable as well. 


It took us a while to ride a cabin since the line was long... still got to ride before sundown.

Should I find myself again in Taipei, I'll be visiting Maokong once again.

The beautiful, cool and chill place is Maokong is perfect for us mga Teata! LAMOYON.  <3

Visa-free Taiwan for Filipinos

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