Day 2: Mt. Tapulao, Palauig, Zambales (Overnight Hike)

Day 1 link: here.

This is the view that I love waking up to! Beats sleeping on a five-star hotel everytime. <3

After a freezing night, we woke up past sunrise. lol.

I know for a fact that Mt. Tapulao is dubbed as the "Poor man's Pulag" but why though?! This whole entirety is on a different league or baka kasi Ambangeg-Ambangeg trail 'yung ginawa ko dati. haha! 

We were supposed to wake up before sunrise but it was drizzling so we decided to sleep in. As soon as I went out of the tent though, this is the view that greeted me. You know that view that you only get to see whenever you fly during sunrise?? Ito 'yon eh. Only made better 'cause I reached this spot with my two feet. 

They were scaring me that they are leeches in the mossy forest so I decided to dress this way. This is how to be limatik-proof by me. :))

Unlike Mt. Pulag where you'll be trekking along an open area to the summit because it's just grass, Tapulao's summit is reached by passing through a mossy forest. 

It took us around 30 minutes of trekking in the mossy forest to reach the summit.

which is, also a mossy forest. :)) 

It was foggy for the entire time that we were at the summit. It kind of felt that we were in a foggy bonsai garden though.

Siguro here is the major difference of Pulag and Tapulao. Here kasi you'd see this on the summit but Pulag's summit is bare and the sunrise view is breathtaking on most days. 

Pulag experience link: here.

18 KM?! E.A.S.Y.... J.K.

We soon descended after that.

The descent time was a bit shorter than the ascent but the trail felt endless as usual.

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.” -Greg Child

Ang ganda mo, Mt. Tapulao!

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