My 5th Anniversary as a World Vision PH Sponsor

"Medyo roller coaster ride man ang financial life, KAKAYANIN. :D"

Five years later, KINAYA KO! Kinaya ko at kakayanin pa lalo. 

When I received the e-mail that I am invited to World Vision sponsorship dinner 'cause I'm already on my fifth year, I made sure that I'll be able to attend it.  

Tbh, even if I've been consistently donating money to them, I'm not really updated with how they use the money. I don't know a lot of stuff aside from the fact that I'm sending someone to school. 

Attending this event made me learn more about the projects of World Vision and that our family (we're family daw eh), is not only giving money but is also very active in transforming the lives of those children and of those people in the community that is being helped by the organization.

 Listening to talks that night made me even prouder that I am one of those people who are continuously helping this organization in my own little way. I also hope that someday, I'll be one of those donors who are able to visit their sponsored child's community.

Be Somebody's Miracle with World Vision link: here.

Ako 'yung matangkad na naka-maong jacket sa harap. hahaha!

Malabo 'yung picture pero malinaw naman ang hinaharap ng mga bata at mga tao sa komunidad na tinutulungan at sinusuportahan namin buwan-buwan! hehehe! 

This was the birthday gift I decided to give myself five years ago.

To more years of faithfulness and grace. All for Your glory ❤🙌

- as I posted about this in my Instagram and Facebook account

"And because I am blessed, I am blessing the world."

May I be able to celebrate more World Vision Donor Anniversaries in the future.

 And if you plan to start being a donor this year, then, I'll see you after five years? 

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