Visa-Free Taiwan for Filipinos: Going to Shifen and Jiufen via Ruifang (DIY)

Again, this day began at Taipei Main Station.  Well, technically, in Ximending Station but we bought the train ticket at Taipei Main Station. We arrived at the station at 10 AM but the earliest ticket we got was 11:45. You can try purchasing ticket the night before if you want to secure earlier seats.

The machine we used to purchase the ticket was confusing at first but we got the hang of it. The fare from Taipei Main was 76 NTD. Just make sure you're standing by the car/wagon indicated in your ticket so you won't have to run when the train arrives. 

We arrived at Ruifang after 32 minutes (12:17) bought tickets to Shifen Old Street and went out to the nearby convenience store to grabs some lunch. Hahaha! Sa Taiwan kasi, lunch na namin kahit anong mabili sa convenience store. Di ko na talaga maalala pero parang di kami masyado kumain eh. 

It was drizzling most of the afternoon but I didn't want to purchase a poncho so I settled with just my jacket. 

There's a bus station directly across the station but that route is back to Taipei. You'd have to walk a few blocks away from Ruifang if you want to go to Jiufen instead of Shifen.  If ganito ka maglalakad, sa kaliwa 'yung kailangan mong hanapin na bus station... 'yung mga bus na pa-left 'yung byahe ang mga papunta sa Jiufen. 

SAVIOR!! hahaha!

Going to Shifen, the train was a bit packed but we were still able to take a seat. 

The train gets so packed when you're going back to Jiufen. I think the best thing to do is go here earlier than what we did just so you'd be able to beat the crowd and see more of the place. 

You'd know that you've arrived at Shifen if you'll see train tracks where some people take pictures in and you'll see lanterns floating in the sky. 

To get to Jiufen, we rode the train back to Ruifang and from there, we rode a bus that took us straight to Jiufen.

Group tour?

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