Day 1: Mt. Tapulao, Palauig, Zambales (Overnight Hike)

I was looking at my photos and it was then did I realized that I haven't blogged about my Tapulao Hike experience and so I'm putting this here now. :)

I knew that it was going to be hard since I heard someone said "Tapulao talaga 'yung mas nakakaloko eh." considering that we're trekking Tarak Ridge (4/9) and him still having the guts to say that, I knew for sure that this is going to be a memorable one.

The difficulty of Tapulao Hike is 5/9 and is 18 kilometers long from the jump-off point to the summit. 
It also has a great altitude gain kasi aabot ka sa ulap, beshy! Imagine walking from 100 MASL to 2,037 MASL!!! 

Sometimes I also can't fathom how high and how far my feet are able to take me. :)) 

Start the trek as early as you can 'cause this never ending rocky trail can get really hot by noon. The next photos all look alike but they are taken on parts of the trail that are far with each other. Sobrang haba lang kasi talaga. 

Albeit the length, the trail wasn't steep all the time. It sometimes get steep but bearable. 

Look how far I've come. hahaha! 

I definitely miss the feeling of hiking but for sure, when I go back to the hobby, I'll be questioning myself again. lolz. 

This was where we ate our lunch and rested for several minutes since the heat was kind of unbearable that time. 

Reaching this part (pine forest) after the looooooong rocky trail have already made this worth it. I don't know about you but I'm really inlove with the feeling of being one with the clouds. hehehe. One of those things that I look forward to during hikes are clouds. HAHA!  

This part of the trail where clouds seem to cross was an effective energizer to my body. Tapulao is a great hike for you if you want to practice being patient. 

I legit thought that this was it because of all the clouds only to find out that after getting out of the clouds is yet another long walk... ascent and rocky part of the trail. 

I've had a lot of people who've asked me how do clouds feel like... although they sometimes look like a puffy marshmallow while in the air, it's just fog on the ground/near the ground.

Look at the two pictures above:

first, you'll see how this part looks like when you're not in the area
second, you'll see how it looks like when you're about the walk on it.

In this case, the cloud may be considered a low-lying cloud and becomes fog. As for the feeling, it's kind of misty and cool.

After the cloud experience is yet another rocky trail but this time, the ascent can be felt. As in. Shet, wala ba 'tong katapusan?

But... are you happy?

It was almost 6 PM when we reached camp one which meant that we walked for twelve hours that day. hahaha!  I miss. Sobra!!! 

This was where we set-up the tent.

Best view during this time was having a sea of clouds at the back.

We were only the hikers that day so it felt like a private climb. We wanted to stargaze but the amount of surrounding clouds and the strength of the blowing wind made it impossible to stay out the tent for a long time.

Skyflakes at tuna savior! :)))

It wasn't too cold but the wind was blowing hard that it felt like someone was slamming our tent the entire night. Still slept like a baby though since we were exhausted. 

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