Visa-Free Taiwan for Filipinos: Jiufen Old Street DIY

Taipei Main Station to Ruifang: link
Shifen Old Street:  link
Shifen Waterfalls: link

We went back to Ruifang Station where we rode a bus to Jiufen area. If you have more time, you can visit the Gold Museum first before going here. We just didn't have enough time and it was also raining that night.

This is an alley of food establishments and souvenir shops. Make sure you haven't eaten before going here because there's too much to choose from. 

We were looking for the tea shop/area that they said is the inspiration for the Japanese movie spirited away but we missed the alley where we were supposed to turn right at so we didn't see it. 

However, we arrived at this area which is overlooking the houses on the hills and the ocean.

During our walk back, this strawberry mochi caught our attention that we took time to try eating one piece each... but one wasn't enough. I was never a fan of mochi but that changed the moment I tasted this!! I now understand why people love mochi. And that huge strawberry was a plus!!! Haven't eaten a good strawberry since USA 'yung peg ko nyan. Lagi na lang kasi maliit o kaya maasim. 

While in the mochi shop, I asked for the restroom and it was then did I saw the alley leading down to the tea shop but it was already late and still raining so I decided to forgo seeing it. 

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