Visa-free Taiwan for Filipinos: Rainbow Village, Taichung

 Rainbow Village in Taichung was our stop after Zhong She Guan Guang Flower Farm.

Flower Farm and lunch buffet link: here.

[Klook Link] Chung-She Flower Garden Tour in Taichung

It was our cab driver who offered to wait so he can drive us here in Rainbow Village so I have no idea where the bus station of the bus that passes through here is located. 

It's not a huge area but it's filled with colorful paintings; there's also a coffee shop, playground, and a small souvenir shop. 

We didn't even spend more than an hour inside the village. 

 A haven for Instagrammers, this place.

Outside, there are cab drivers but if you're heading back to the train station and not in a hurry, you can opt to wait for the bus because it's more affordable.

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