Visa-Free Taiwan for Filipinos: Trek to Shifen Waterfalls

Train ride from Taipei Main Station to Shifen Old Street link: here.
Walking along Shifen Old Street link: here.

The post below will have pictures of our walk to Shifen Waterfalls. It was drizzling that day so I couldn't take better photos... as if naman may matino talaga. :))) 

From Shifen Old Street, we rode a cab 'cause we felt that we were getting nowhere walking by the road. Don't even know if it was alright to walk there because no one was walking with us. HAHA! 

Pero pwede naman pala lakarin, wag lang kayo dadaan dun sa lagpas ng hanging bridge. Diretsuhin niyo lang 'yung hanggang dulo ng Shifen Old Street kasi dun may naglalakad.

When we reached the gate/trail head, we just followed the crowd until we reached the bridge. There were too much people that we had to wait for our turn to cross the bridge since they made it one way. 

Since it has been raining that time, the current for both the waterfalls and the river was strong as you'd notice. 

I was thrilled seeing these maple leaves that turned gold. AUTUMN!!! 

Will this be my lucky charm in being able to experience winter this year? Let's see. :))

After walking for quite a while, we reached the waterfalls. No wonder this is called the Niagara Falls of Taiwan. Looking at the strong current of the water that cascades from this waterfalls.

The observation area is of two levels. You just have to wait for your turn in taking pictures because this is really a touristy spot. 

Where the water falls. <3

Overall, I liked that we went to this part of Taiwan because trips like this is my style. I love trekking to waterfalls and here is actually one of the easiest trek that I've done that led to a breathtaking view. 

Going back to Shifen Old Street was a bit of a problem... while you can walk back, it was drizzling so we had to ride a cab again but then, there were no cabs and if there was, they were servicing other tourists which led us to meeting a kind cab driver again.

We walked towards his cab 'cause we thought that he was in line but it turns out that he was a service of other tourists. He told us something but we didn't understand so we said yes and went back to the waiting shed to shelter from the rain. Realizing that we didn't understand what he said, he went out of his cab, walked to us while it was raining, and showed us the other waiting shed (the one in the main road) where we should wait. Nakakatouch! Grabe, when strangers do kind things rather than try to take advantage of tourists. Hay, Taiwan!! <3 

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