Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria, Robinson's Galleria, Ortigas

This is a newly-opened branch of Nonna's in Robinson's Galleria. For people who are from South or have been to South, you would probably know about them since they have a branch in Solenad, Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

For that, Nonna, thank you for branching out! :))

As you can see above, Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria was the #1 restaurant in Laguna in 2016. How cool is that?

Notice how bright and inviting their interior is. <3

Nonna's is definitely one of those restaurants that may be considered a head turner. Aside from its strategic location on the third floor, you're likely to look twice at the bright, color coordinated and lively interior. However though, for some people, that may be considered as an intimidating factor kasi baka mahal. But no, especially when you're dining in group, everything they serve is not only delicious but reasonably priced as well! 

Arugula with Burrata Salad
P 450.00

Almost every ingredient in the salad above is expensive and yet they're able to price it an acceptable price. You have that much arugula and a big ball of burrata cheese? 'cause why not, right? This is perfect as a meal starter 'cause it actually feels light when eaten.

P 385.00

But... can I get a glass of wine with this? :)) 

This is a foreign version of our "kinilaw" which was so delicious especially with all the added vegetables and octopus slices.

Mussels and Clams in White Wine
P 375.00

Make sure to ask for an extra plate to put the shells of this dish 'cause you're definitely gonna get more than a piece. Also, loved the bread that comes with this. 

Hawaiian Pizza
P 385.00

Well, this version is the best Hawaiian Pizza I've had. Para sa'ting naniniwala na hindi naman masamang may pineapple sa pizza, well, make sure you're able to try Nonna's version of our pizza na pinaglalaban talaga!

As you can see, their version is very much different from what we're used to but in a very good day. The toppings are prosciutto with thin slices of fresh pineapple.

Smoked Salmon and Caviar Pizza
P 450.00 

In case you need a closer look of the caviar, cheese, and smoked salmon. 

I love how their pizzas look organized that you won't have to worry which slice are you going to get kasi nga each slice has the same topping. The taste of this pizza is as clean as it looks. Ang sarap nung pairing ng smoked salmon and their hot honey. A unique combination but was easily accepted by my palate! 

Salted Egg Tagliatelle
P 265.00

You can easily taste the salted egg in this pasta dish that is followed by a bit of spiciness (an acceptable level even for people who don't eat spicy food) that balances everything out. This was the first pasta dish I've had in Nonna's and the texture of the pasta was a bit of a sweet surprise for me - it was cooked al dente yet you can feel that it's quite chewy as well. 

Three - Cheese Raviolli
P 250.00

This dish is perfect!

I love the quantity of cheese inside each raviolli and the acidity of the tomato sauce is just perfectly paired with everything. If you're a cheese lover, you won't get disappointed with the amount of cheese they put in their dishes.

Seafood Al Nero
P 350.00

Made with homemade squid ink pasta and fresh seafoods.

Radiatori Chorizo and Mussel
P 295.00

Nonna's Special Pizza
P 450.00

Nonna’s Special: pomodoro, burrata, mozzarella, and basil cream

Personally, I'm not fond of pizzas that have too many toppings so this one's perfect. The crust of this brick-oven baked pizza also worked well with their hot honey condiment.

Lemon Meringue Sandwich
P 180.00

We ate a lot that night and as you've seen, they're almost all carbs -pizza and pasta yet the dinner felt so light. Walang bloated na feeling.

Nonna's Pasta and Pizzeria
3rd Floor, New Wing, Robinson's Ortigas

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