The Manor Hotel, Camp John Hay in Baguio City

This is a review of an overnight stay in the one of the famous hotel in Baguio City - The Manor in Camp John Hay.

I have posted about them way back 2014 link: here. but this time, I was able to check in and sleep in the rooms not just someone who went there to take photos in the garden. Grateful for the experience. A testament that things eventually get better. lol. :)) 

It has been raining non-stop here in Metro Manila and if there's one thing that I always feel like doing during rainy days that is to pack my bags, ride the bus and head to Baguio. I've said this before but there's something in the Cordillera Administrative Region that brings healing to my tired soul. This might sound crazy to some but that's Baguio for me. Yep, even before That Thing Called Tadhana. hehe! 

Below are the pictures taken from our room during our stay at The Manor:

The rooms has no air conditioning so it might still get hot especially during summer but during the colder weather? PERFECT! The rooms are big and the beds are comfortable to sleep in.

I prefer the rooms facing the garden and I'd choose the room on the upper floors if possible 'cause there are a lot of people going to the garden and see those checked in the first floor.

This is what Baguio is all about! <3


I've just recently posted my Tapulao Experience because I wanted to show you the fog. I think I really miss the feeling of being one with the fog. :))))) Iba pa rin eh! Smog lang kasi nandito sa Manila!!

Siguro this has something to do with me being a mountain person. I prefer places where I'm surrounded by trees and embraced by the misty fog. 

I'll prefer this over any night at bar. Simpleng inom lang and kwentuhan sabayan mo pa ng natural na lamig ng Baguio. Haaaay! Solve na solve.

For room rates, please visit their website: here.

This hotel in Camp John Hay in Baguio is an attraction on its own. It's Baguio "away from the crowd." No matter how congested the traffic is outside and no matter how many people are there visiting the other tourist spots in the area, it's nice to be in this quiet hotel with less people and still feel the cold air of the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Also, it's best when you're able to book rooms facing the garden.

Other things to do in Camp John Hay link: here.

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