USA 2016: Rhyolite Ghost Town and Tonopah, Nevada




Make me ride the world's scariest roller coaster and I won't complain but ghost town?! Even if it's listed as one of America's "coolest" ghost town, I will not go to this place if not for my insisting companion.

It's not like I had the control of the steering wheel.
It's not like I can get out of the car anytime I wanted to.

I just gave up and told him that, "Whatever happens to us, it's your call! I don't care anymore."

But even reverse psychology didn't work so I still found myself going to Rhyolite!!!! And much worse than the ghost town is that there was a nearby cemetery which I'm so glad we didn't find our way to. 
Almost near the place where time stopped more than 100 years ago!!! Huhuhuhu.

Are we really doing this? :(

"Let's go down the car, look around, take some pictures and we're immediately driving back to Vegas... okay?"
Truth be told, it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be 'cause there was still sunlight but you can feel like there's really something from the 3rd dimension dwelling in it... I know that I sound like I am over reacting but these things and places frighten me so much.
Look at this art installation!!! :( Although yes, these installations got me curious. I wanted to know their purpose and why were they chosen to be placed there out of all the other ghost towns but no enough to make me feel calm. I was taking pictures hoping no other "being" will pose there too. HAHAHAHA

How is it like to be driven into a place where a horror movie can take place...

People who know that I hate this kind of things told me, "Nag-iba ka na talaga." HUHUHUHUHUHU. OO! I SURVIVED ONE OF AMERICA'S COOLEST GHOST TOWN!!!! NAG-IBA NA TALAGA KO. 

As if the old buildings are not enough, they had to add these art installations on this side of the ghost town. Voodoo. Mangkukulam. Black Magic. Mga ganyan. 
Ghost last supper and something which purpose I don't know.

Is that used to hang people? :)))
Art installations that added more creepiness to the already creepy place for me.

Yes, it's cool to be there since the place has a lot of history and it's amazing how some of the infrastructures have remained intact after all those years but this is something I will not do again... unless may mapilit na naman na hindi ko alam kung anong hanap!
We're thankfully done with Rhyolite.

It's a good thing that after a ghost town I didn't say that I'm done with you too, isn't it? HAHA!

Back to Vegas... but were we on the right path?
Our phones had signal for text messages but there wasn't any mobile data so we couldn't check our location using our GPS. 
We were in Beatty, Nevada so we thought that we were on the right way. It was only 7 PM but we didn't see people walking around anywhere. It wasn't of my concern even if it was the first thing I noticed, sa Vegas lang naman ata hindi uso matulog.

We just drove straight, waiting for the road sign that would point where Las Vegas is. 

I fell asleep and woke up around an hour after and guess where we were?!

Still on the road.

I never thought that we were lost since the roads look the same in this part of Nevada. 

It felt forever driving through this road!!! And then we saw a sign that said Reno was 300 miles away from us!!!!


We drove so faaaaaaaaaaaaaar! What the heck. >.<
I asked, "Why aren't we turning back now that we're 100% sure we're heading the wrong way?"

"'Cause I don't know where the closest gasoline station is if we go back now but I'm pretty sure there's one in Tonopah."

I got scared 'cause it felt like we kind of entered a maze in a horror movie but that's me over thinking so with all the calmness I gathered in my already paranoid self, 

"Okay so we're driving all the way to Tonopah for a fuel refill and then drive back to Vegas....."

Back in the mining days when Rhyolite wasn't a ghost town but a gold town, Tonopah was also considered a silver and gold town in Nye County, Nevada. The main difference is of course, Tonopah didn't turn to a ghost town. 

These are only two of the places worth mentioning when talking about the boom years of Southern Nevada. 

Then we reached a gasoline station at Tonopah.


I got out of the car for a short restroom break and it was so cold that night, I was shivering while walking. 

The elevation of the area was almost 2,000 MASL! 
It's a long driveeeee back to Vegas skiesssss. :)))

Turns out we missed the road we should've turn right in more than 150 miles ago... But okay fine, this whole thing was a Lake Tahoe - Reno - San Francisco Road Trip Dry Run.  HAHAHA. 

It was an experience, a very memorable experience!!!

FYI: One male ghost in America wears tuxedo. HAHAHAHA! You will not see him in person but he appears in pictures. I just don't want to post the picture here. Shemay. I really don't like this kind of trips. So when I was told that there are more ghost towns in Nevada and ghost town drive in Calico, California (all of which are an hour and a half away from my apartment complex). I shouted at the top of my lungs, "NO WAY!" Not going to another ghost town is my only hope to retain the sanity I have left in me. 

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