USA 2016: Kenny Rogers':The Gambler's Last Deal Concert, California

So I was listening at the radio and heard about the advertisement of Kenny Rogers's Concert here in Manila on August 11, 2016 at Araneta Coliseum, 8:00.

Concert Poster:

ctto :)

I was like, "Oh, I've watched that already while I was in the USA during the Del Mar County Fair."

Anywhow, these are four pictures from Kenny Rogers': The Gambler's Last Deal Concert in San Diego. 

I actually enjoy a night of acoustic sessions or classics like this more compared to a night out at clubs. hahahaha.

Watching a concert or a night out is something I don't do often. Beast, Super Junior, The Vamps, Lee Min Ho na lang napanood ko over the past years. :))

The crowd was certainly not my age bracket though.

Haha. Tbh, I don't really know who he was. :)))))))))

Until he started singing and I recognized most of his songs. :)

Beh! Unchained Melody was my Karaoke song when I was younger, around 8 years old because I always hear it being sung. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Glad to be able to watch his last concert in the USA!!!! 
So since you have the chance here in Manila.

Buying that concert ticket is worth it! 

I mean, that's the last set of the legend. 
Will blog about the Del Mar fair in I still don't know when. Ang dami ko pang lugar na hindi naib-blog. :)))


When he was singing this song, pictures he took in America was flashing on the LCD screen. HAHAHAHA. Can't help it but be nostalgic of my own USA Adventures too.

The land that I got to love, America <3

And when I get a jowa (malay ko ba if I get away this whole #teamtakbo, #teamtakas and #teamtulak membership soon) hahahaha and I suddenly become the cheesy jowa, I'll ask him to seeing a Kenny Rogers song for me.

Just 'cause the gambler said that his songs are, "t
hings a man wants to say, things a woman wants to hear" WAHAHAHA KTNXBYE

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