USA 2016: Falls With No Name, Zion National Park, Utah

Or maybe this has a name, we just don't know what it is.

Note: If you're going to National Parks, even State Parks in the USA, make sure to look at the map thrice and the articles in the journals that are given to tourists. But since you've stumbled upon this in your search prior to your visit, I'm pretty sure you already have an idea about the things and places that you should see in your chosen National Park.

'Cause for Zion? The only one that we looked for was the river. HAHAHA.

I fell inlove with feeling small. Gets? When you're standing with this humongous rocks, you'll really feel small. 
We were serious in finding that river my friend saw while searching about Zion so when we saw one trail (which is definitely not the one we were looking for) we went down the car and trekked. Hahaha. It sooner made sense why there weren't a lot of people in the area.

We "parkoured" through the boulders and streams. I slipped a week before our Zion trip so imagine my struggle trying to "parkour" and "jump" over these rocks. Sakit sa pwet ko sobra!!! Haha
That was the falls with no name at the back. HAHAHAHAHA.

Like seriously, what was all the hardships for? Tighter friendship bond na lang siguro. 
The water was clear and cold but this was definitely not the one we were looking for.

IT WAS IN THE MAP AND THE PERIODICAL OF ZION NATIONAL PARK THOUGH!!! We just didn't read it well so we didn't know that there was a shuttle to the more famous trailssssss. :(

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