USA 2016: Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Park, California

After Dante's View, we followed the map route to Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes but we got lost twice before getting here. Compared to how clear it was earlier that day, look at the clouds that looked like storm clouds when we got here in Mesquite.

We even had the windows of the car open all the time while in Death Valley since we were afraid that the air conditioner of the car might cause it to overheat since it was hot.

When we reached the Sand Dunes area, "ANO YON?! OMG ISARA NATIN AGAD BINTANA!!!" We closed it on time before the sand that are "crossing the street" hit the car. 
When we reached the parking lot, the wind wasn't blowing hard and even if the clouds looked ominous like that, the beauty of the sand dunes was enough to lure us in. <3
Look at the clouds!

Mukhang walang mabuting gagawin sa buhay. HAHAHA. Tipong, I knew you were trouble when you flew in. 
But it was fine.

We managed to walk hundreds of meters away from the car 'cause the sand dunes looked better in this area.

Sayang lang wasn't able to take pictures of the "better looking" area of the sand dunes when we went up that high sand hill. Di ko talaga alam tawag sa mga lugar na andito. First time ko, okay!

We have a sand dune in Paoay, Ilocos Norte. I was able to go there once before but was not able to walk in the sand. Tinignan lang namin.
LINK: here.
We took a picture there without sunglasses on. The first time I removed my sunglasses for that day and yeah, sinong nagsabing walang sunburn?! Hahaha. The skin around my eyes looked a lot fairer than the skin in the rest of my face. At least di na masyado obvious ang undereye circles! Haha!
Wind started blowing more but that didn't stop us even the other tourists who were with us that afternoon. 
Look at how far we walked but after like 10 minutes of staying here, we retreated because the wind started blowing so hard carrying sands with it and everytime the sand hit out body? It was pure torture! Sand hitting our faces, our necks, our arms, and even if I was covering my mouth I can still feel the sand entering my mouth. HAHAHA. Sand was crunchy though, it was like munching on a cracker.

We experienced everything didn't we? hehe. I don't know if that is defined as a sand storm or haboob since the experience was new to me but that was it. Like all of a sudden, the beautiful sand dunes became a torture place with almost zero visibility everywhere.

I have no pictures of the time when we were walking away from all the "turbulence" in the sand dunes. Back then, it was all part of the experience but now that I am writing about it, I feel like what happened there was really dangerous.

The wind has surely lifted a lot of sand with it, it was crazy! We saw the directions of the wind because of the particles it was carrying with it. It hurt so much being hit by those sand! I still had sands in my hair until the next morning. 
We went back to the car and immediately drove away from the Sand Dunes.

As we got meters away from it, we saw that it looked like it was raining since the sand was circling the area and was as high as the clouds. Good thing common sense worked and we thought of "escaping" immediately. 
Opposite Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes.

Parang walang nangyari, Death Valley ah!!

Death Valley is also famous for having this kind of roads - a never-ending straight road. 

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