USA 2016: Canyon Outlook Trail of Zion National Park, Utah

Entered the National Park again to look for the shuttle bus.
Then we drove through an area where there were a lot of parked cars so we stopped and looked at what was there.

Turns out there was a trail to what they call the Canyon Outlook Area.
It was written in the information board that the trail was only 1 mile and one hour away so we decided to go.

Best decision we made in Zion. haha.

It doesn't look as amazing and breathtaking in the picture but yeah, this view took my breath away. :))

I was still complaining that I didn't get to visit the Grand Canyon when we were here but both my friends have gone there and they're like, "Now that you've seen this, Grand Canyon will bore you out. This one's way more beautiful than that." I will never know if they were just trying to make me feel better but I'd have to agree that this is really beautiful though,
We were eating granola bars while we were here. Maybe this little one was smelling the nuts and kept approaching us. hehe. But no, feeding the wildlife isn't allowed.
In the canyon outlook you'll see from left to right: Bridge Mountain, The West Temple, Altar of Sacrifice, The Streaked Wall, The Sentinel

below: Zion Canyon and Pine Canyon

Hahaha. Laki ng mukha pls.

This is my back again. Notice that it was windy there. hehe. 
Thankful. More please hahaha
On our way back to the car.
Patungo sa kawalan.

Wasn't going anywhere, just wanted to take a picture with the rocks. haha

It was an easy trail. Very worth it. 

Million years...
Then we really looked for the shuttle or we didn't... :))

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