USA 2016: Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park, California

One of the must sees when here in Death Valley National Park is the Badwater Basin because it's the lowest point in all of North America at 282 feet below the sea level. 

We would always see Salt Lake City signs whenever we're driving through the interstate but that's just too far for a day tour haha but we were still able to to see a salt flat which is this, the badwater basin. 
Below this picture's watermark is where the "Sea Level" sign is placed, you can barely see it in the picture even in person since it's kinda hight but it's to give an idea on how low is 855 meters is.
The sign at Badwater Basin.

As I was stalking their Instagram page, they posted a picture where they edited a picture of someone great (I forgot the name) who has been here decades ago and the caption went like, "Think of the great persons who've been here before you." Huhuhu. Yes. :)))) That felt good hehe
Closer look of the salt flats. 
There were some holes where you can see water that are obviously very saline. 
Arte with the badwater at the back a.k.a the place in Death Valley that we wanted to see. 

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