USA 2016: Fannette Island and Emerald Bay, South Lake Tahoe, California

We then proceeded driving towards the Emerald Bay and here we stopped at the place they call the Inspiration Point Vista. 

As the description says, this is the perfect spot to view the Emerald Bay. We found a parking slot so we were able to go down and take pictures here for about 15 minutes.

It was soooooo beautiful and I like the fact that we didn't have to hike or trek just to see an overlook of the whole area. 

Made me want to trek Mt. Pinatubo and Taal Lake even more!!! 

Overlooking Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe!

Actually, the road to here is very scenic in itself. We had to pass through a road where you'll be seeing two bodies of water (Cascade Lake and Emerald Bay if I'm not mistaken) on your left and on your right. Haha! I really love high overlooking places so that was one place that really made me say, "Wow!" I have a video of that but yea, let's just leave it to your imagination for the meantime. 

More information signs!

Thankful for these very informative signs that tourists are able to learn something new even without tour guides.
Also in this part, you'll be able to see Fannette Island - the only island in the whole of Lake Tahoe. 

There it is. 

We continued driving and following the guide map but it felt like we were going far already and it was almost sunset so just drove back and look for more places to explore within the South Lake Tahoe area. 
Somewhere in those mountains, sayang lang na hindi kita rito sa picture, a waterfall was visible. I think if it's hikeable, you might want to go there.  Higher than the Inspiration Point so better view of the Emerald Bay and Lake Tahoe, definitely. 

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