USA 2016: Zabriskie Point, Death Valley National Park, California

After the Twenty Mule Canyon Overlook, we drove for the Badwater Basin but being the travelers with no plans that we are, we saw cars parked at the trailhead of the Golden Canyon.

It didn't seem like a good idea back there since it was so hot but we only thought of that halfway the trek so it was initially a good idea hahaha... :)) But it is really a good idea once you've reached the Zabriskie point, just that it was not easy. Paki-excuse na lang ang magulong ako. 

Imagine walking at 11 AM in this kind of landscape! 

This is what it's like to trek in Mars haha badlands rather.

What are badlands? Lands that are bad. Sobrang smart ko pls. :)) But according to the dictionary, badlands are extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation.
Macro shot of one area showing how frail and soft looking the externals of this sedimentary rocks are. 
The big red rocks are called the Red Cathedral.

It was kinda hard 'cause the trek was uphill and there weren't any vegetations and shaded areas for us to rest but the people who've passed by us always said, "Hang on. You're near and it's worth it!" 

We continued... we drank all our water since we only had like 500 ML each. Yes. So galing. If you have plans trekking here, please bring water. More than enough water especially during summer. 
This part was the only assault actually.
The badlands from Zabriskie Point! YEHEY!!!
Badlands and Funeral Mountains.

Is it worth it?


The sweat was worth it.


Seriously though, weeks prior to going to Death Valley we haven't sweat a lot even if we tried trekking for a lot of times already.
That was the first and the start actually of the hot days we've experienced in Nevada. 
Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere...

And sometimes in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself.

That's something I'd say but you know after days, months and years of "feeling lost" and "paghahanap sa sarili" eventually, you'll decide that the quote "Life is what you make it." is more applicable. Hindi tayo naghahanap dito, gagawa tayo!! GAGAWA. Char haha. 
Nearing the trail head!!

Are we still on Earth?

Forever grateful for this chances of being able to see Your wonderful creations. <3
Hindi mo kasalanan Death Valley, kung walang nakakayanan mabuhay sa kung anong meron kaaaa. Hindi mo kasalanan. Makakahanap at makakahanap ka rin. HAHAHA!

It was a clear and hot day with almost no clouds! Just less than a day of  walking, we all got sunburned. 

Okay so on the way to the Badwater Basin we saw this hill again, which name I don't know haha and decided to go down the car again and go up that hill.

See how small the car looks like from the hill? :))) This was a bit high kase in the middle of the flat lands and mountains... so valley. Hill in the middle of the valley.
Kinda hard 'cause there wasn't an established trail and the pebbles enter out shoes but worth it!

That's the artist palette drive area at my back.

 Notice the different colors of the rocks. The varieties of colors are proof of the very violent volcanic eruption that shaped the area during the Miocene Epoch which was million years ago. 
Days in Death Valley are really hot and there is very little water so naturally, vegetations die especially during summer but I heard they have a very beautiful view of the Cosmos at night!!

That's probably the reason why according to the Death Valley National Park website, "Half of the park is after dark." Huhuhu! Makes me regret not staying a bit after dark. :(( But I believe naman that I can experience how it's like to see the Milky Way and hopefully the Northern Lights someday in this lifetime. Yes, universe? Yes? :)))

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