USA 2016: The Narrows at Zion National Park, Utah

This post will include the Virgin River, Temple of Shinawava, and way to The Narrows of Zion National Park. 

We drove back towards the entrance of Zion.
The one in the picture is near the area of Zion Junction.

We parked our car near the museum thinking it was still open hahaha. Anyway, the musuem was the second stop of the free shuttle so we decided to wait there.

Okay, so these are the trails in Zion. :(((

We only trekked two. HUHUHU.

Did we know about this earlier that day, we could've trekked through more. :(((

Canyon Outlook Viewpoint / Trail: here.

Much better talaga to go to a 2 days, 1 night trip or more when in Zion. Even more days when in Utah. There's just too much to see in the land where life is elevated!! :(
I wasn't the only one even if I looked like it. Hehe. 
While riding the shuttle, the driver narrates the places too see. 
So this was the river that we were looking for - the virgin river.

It is 261 kilometers long and flows all the way to Lake Mead in Nevada. Virgin River is what carved the rocks and canyons of the area over the past million years.

The Lake Mead is near the Valley of Fire and Hoover Dam. 
Temple of Sinawava Area

We reached the end of this trail.

This is near the entrance of the Narrows, the place in Zion that I wanted to go to. 
But the current of Virgin River was kinda strong and we weren't ready to get wet plus it was a bit past 7 PM when we got here... the last shuttle bus back the museum leaves at 8 PM so we just decided to stay for a couple of minutes there and appreciate the beauty of the area and trek back to the shuttle stop.
Haaaaay, Zion.
I'm inlove.

I'm inlove even if there was no slot canyon experience for me.
Thanking the heavens still that at one point in my life, I stood there.

Could've been my first time hiking/wading upstream a river and through the narrows of course! Hahaha!

Hiking through the narrows is actually one of the most dangerous activities you can do in Zion because the threat of flash flood. Even if it's not raining in the area, rain water from miles away could pass through the Virgin River and cause a life-threatening flash flood. Water level can increase in minutes or even seconds so hikers should check on the weather before hiking. 
This marks the end of our Zion National Park Day tour. Huhuhu. Wanted to see more but we ran out of time. 
It's a long drive back to Vegas Skies. <3
It felt like we didn't do a lot in Zion but out of all the lakwatsa I did, Zion was the only place we went to that made me feel so hella tired. HAHAHA. Ayun na nga. :))

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