USA 2016: Lester Beach, D.L. Bliss State Park, California

Our last place to visit for that day was D.L Bliss Statepark 
We were supposed to trek Rubicon Trail but we ended up in Lester Beach 'cause it was almost sundown and we didn't want to risk it especially when they told us that there are bears in the park. haha
So we found this place and no one else was in there. It felt like renting this whole cove!
This was a bittersweet part of my USA trip. A part of me wanted to completely enjoy what was there in front of me, but a part of me couldn't help it but be sad that the whole thing was ending soon. So I sat there, looking at the view. Taking everything in. <3 I was in Lake Tahoe, I was in California, I was in the United States of America, I was thousand of miles away from the Philippines, I was at the other side of the world. Charu ang drama. haha!! I actually forgot about all the drama until I read everything I wrote in Instagram. HAHAHAHAH!
This was my view that afternoon and I saw one of the most interesting cloud formation I've seen my whole life - Lenticular Clouds! On the farthest right of this panoramic picture is a lenticular cloud formation and I was seeing it personally with my eyes! Huhuhuhu I've also seen mammatus clouds in Nevada!! hahaha. Shet. Saya
A closer look of the saucer-like clouds.

Clouds like these are often see on mountain ranges and/or hovering on top of a mountain. 

Crystal clear of Lake Tahoe but it was too cold to swim in it. 
 A.K.A.vanity at Lester Beach :)))
Missing my shades!!!

Ganda ng buhok ko dun. Asar. Pag-uwi dito, bruha na naman. 
Bye, Lester Beach!!
Forever in my memory. <3
Until now, I still wear seatbelts sa car. Not comfortable na without seatbelts. Haha!
Byeeeee. :(

On our drive back to the inn...
Bye, Lake Tahoe!!! I'll be back soon!!! <3
You are so beautiful. 

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