USA 2016: Death Valley National Park, California

On the way to the Death Valley and the view from the Twenty Mule Team Canyon Overlook

Okay so we skipped Six Flags Amusement Park for another day spent at a National Park and the chosen park for that day was The Death Valley in California mainly because of the badwater basin which is the lowest point in all of North America.

Someday, I'll get to visit other National Parks all over the world! Charuu hahaha

Okay so we went there again without a lot of prior research (as always) hahaha but we do know that it's going to be hot since it's also the hottest and the driest place in N.A.

From where I lived, there are two ways to get here one was from Baker, California and the one was in Pahrump, Nevada. We passed through Pahrump since we haven't been there. 
The names of the places were actually the thing that made us go, "OMG! Are we doing this for real?" hahaha. As soon as we got the map and we read that there are places named, furnace creek, devil's hole etc... are we going to experience hell in Death Valley?

Where did Death Valley got its name? The National Park Service Website has answered it for us link: here. 
I'm used to seeing this bird 'cause we have a lot of this flying freely in our apartment complex but heyyy why'd you have to show up before we entered the premised of Death Valley?! HAHAHAHA
Staying true to its name, it was really hot there.

How much more during summer?
This unsatisfiable craving for wide-open spaces. 
I got quite confused though with the name of two areas here in Death Valley National Park so I'm just assuming based on my light research that this is the Twenty Mule Canyon Overlook. Haha. The problem is this looks a lot like the other area where we trekked which I will be posting next. 

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