USA 2016: Lily Lake, South Lake Tahoe, California

After the Glen-Alpine falls, we followed the creek farther in the mountain and we saw this lake where the water of the falls come from. I only found out its name when I was geotagging my Instagram pictures but just before reaching this place, there was an information board saying that we were in one of the trailheads of Desolation Wilderness.
There are definitely a lot more lakes here. Which is actually cool 'cause I don't see that much lake here in the Philippines. My only experience (as long as I can recall) of seeing several lakes in one day was when we went to San Pablo, Laguna and explored its Seven Lakes but those are still far from each other unlike here where the Lakes are just walking distance... if you have enough time of course. :)
Yay!! So serene and beautiful this place. 

Back pictures again and again and again...
And to whom ever this belongs, hahaha, just used it for a quick-photo sesh. 
Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray... <3
Bye Lily Lake and Glen-Alpine Falls!!!!! You were really worth the "treasure hunt" loljk. We're just uninformed tourists because these places are well-known now that I am searching for then on other websites. Haha! 

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