Gelatissimo's Veronese Chocolate

I just love this hashtag.

 Walking around Greenbelt 5, where another branch of Gelatissimo is at, we couldn't fight the urge to step inside and eat. Though in the back of my head, I was actually hoping that the names are still Valentine's-ish just like in their Trinoma branch. I wanted to try "Far Too Confused" but they didn't have it anymore/then. 

The Real Taste of Italia 

(Bring me to the actual Italia soon, alright life? Take yourself there!)
It melted fast again, I fail at eating this without getting sticky hands.
One scoop costs P 110.00

This is a new flavor for me. Veronese Chocolate is a dose of the good old favorite Ferrero Rocher in a gelato. Feels like heaven, doesn't it? Especially for us chocolate and ice cream lovers but it can be too sweet for some. This is indeed a guilty pleasure.

 Do they also offer Ferrero Rondnoir gelato?

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