USA 2016: Union Square, Downtown San Francisco, California

After the Bay Area, we drove to Downtown San Francisco.
This place is still a bit hilly but the slopes wasn't as steep as those from the Bay Area, majority of the establishments that you are to find here are high-rise buildings. 

We walked around Union Square. haha! Incidentally, we found someone who is a huge fan of the Jadine loveteam. I told her that it was a Jadine-inspired roadtrip, in turn, she pointed out all the places the Team Real went to in their drama and in their youtube video. O DIBA!!! 

James Reid was here!! According to our newly found tourist, James Reid stood on this exact spot. 
Flag of South Africa at my back. ARE YOU NEXT?! :)
The Cable Car that we had a picture with the night before. This one passes thru Powell and Mason Streets. Sayang, wala na kaming chance to experience riding on this one. 
We had no definite destination in this area so we just walked, walked and walked. 
We then reached the gate of their Chinatown - the largest Chinatown outside of Asia.

Binondo feels only a lot cleaner and organized.  Maybe it's because this is solely Chinatown that the feel is different compared to the Chinatown "we" have in Las Vegas. 

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