Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Paoay Church and Paoay Sand Dunes

San Agustin Church of Paoay a.k.a Paoay Church.
 A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1993.

I missed to take a picture of the gigantic buttresses on the sides and at the back of the church but a part of that is seen in the photo above. That style of architecture is called Earthquake Baroque. The strong foundation of the church offered great stability whenever there are earthquakes and seeing that it still stands up to present means the buttresses have been effective.
I don't know but having able to visit several churches that was built hundred years back, I had this presumption that the inside would be decorated with fresco (painted) ceilings and all the grandeur you may expect.
It was rather a simple interior though I have thoughts that this isn't the original ceiling of the church.

Another place to visit in Paoay is the Paoay Sand Dunes where you can try Sandboarding and/or a 4x4 ride adventure. We did neither. 

Imagine standing on a dessert under the scorching heat of the sun then you look farther on the west and spot the glimmering blue South China Sea. Ilocos has a unique topography.... uniquely breathtaking.

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