Amber Golden Chain of Restaurants, Tomas Morato

Tomas Morato Ave., corner Sct. Castor

I knew Amber years before when I got to taste their vinegar. Hahaha. Well, I love dipping foods in vinegar so this is excused. Masarap 'yung suka nila eh kaya nagustuhan ko 'yung binigay sa'kin na sachet.

So as we passed by this area and looked at Amber, "Mukhang may kainan sa taas."
'Cause they're known for to-go foods and delivery; the small dine-in space on their store's second floor isn't really noticeable when you're in a moving vehicle.

So fast-forward to the second time we passed there with no restaurant in mind just empty stomachs.
BBQ with Pansit Malabon
Both were so-so but okay, they're not bad. BBQ matches so well with the vinegar, need I say more? :)))

I tasted something weird in their bbq, can't distinguish if it tastes like smoke or what... but I blurted out immediately before thinking what was it exactly, "Medyo lasang coconut oil, weird." hahahaha.  Look how fail I am in describing the taste of food.

Well anyway, this is what I liked.
Don't miss ordering pichi-pichi, it's so good and budget-friendly.

 I like cheese pichi-pichi better than the one with grated coconut meat.

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