FEB! You're here so fast, aren't you?


It's heart's month again and I have never been this bitter. Hahaha. Joke.
 I have never been this BETTER.

1. Yesterday, the last day of January, my BB gave me something so I can feel his warm embrace anytime even if he's not around. Maybe I should start calling him "HEART" instead of "BB CREAM" because of the sweater's design. HAHAHA. We weren't just able to measure properly, it was a size larger than what it's supposed to be to fit me well, it's really baggy to be honest. I'm not making a fuss over it though. It's now an over-sized boyfriend sweater. Okay, over-sized BOYFRIEND sweater. :))) I hope it brings me to new places. Oh this inappropriate wander lust I have!

2. I'm currently watching the latest installment of TVN's Flowerboy Series: Flower Boy Next Door. It's still on broadcast, episode 9 for next Monday, Feb. 4. It brought me back to the Kdrama world since I haven't been watching any for the past months. Good job, TVN for a very interesting drama. I hope I'd stick with you until the end. I usually get bored at the 9th episode but it's different for this one, I am still eager to watch the next EPs.

3. I am not sure WHERE this month would take me. But, I do hope it takes me to new places and offers me new experiences and challenges. :))

4. I have decided to let go of some baggages of the past and the next months would be the deciding period for me and for those concerned. I've wondered what if I had stayed, but it's actually too late to ask that question now. I have to start over. I hope everything turns out well. God, please, make it that something I've always asked You for. 

To you: May this month bring you love, joy and contentment. God bless.
 Happy February!!

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