Travel Tour Expo and Pyrolympics (Japan and Finland)

Another break from my Ilocos series post. 

"The Ultimate Shopping Destination for the Best Travel Deals"
hehehehe. Wawa us, walang pang shopping.

I asked my friend the possible reason why I want to see this in person...
"Miss You Like Crazy?"
Hahahaha. IKR!
Someday, Petronas Twin Towers.

And where I captured this photo was where we wanted to watch the Pyrolypics for fee.
But this is a fail space.

During Japan's turn, I just wanted to break everything that was blocking our view. For the price of nothing? You'd see nothing too. HAHAHA
"Lipat Bahay" to the open parking space near IMAX Theatre.
But since we were so far, it was a silent fireworks show. We didn't get to hear the musical part. 
But yea, for those who doesn't want to pay the entrance fees. It wouldn't hurt to not have a background song.
Still a spectacular show without music. :))

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