Luneta Park

You'd know Valentine's is just around the corner when couples unusually start to flock everywhere. But don't be sad if you're single during this time of month, just date yourself or you can go date your other single friend/s. If you're going to date yourself though, might as well refrain from going to places where couples would likely be at- you'd just feel lonelier. But yea, always keep in mind that... that it's better to be single than be in a relationship with a wrong partner- if that is comforting enough. Haha. Seriously though, I really don't get why single people sulk because of Valentine's day. Take pride in being single! ;)

Anyway, my friend and I went to Rizal Park and here, I'll show you some of the pictures.
Just call this a "Cheap Pre-Valentine's Day Date," while we call it "Pre-Valentine's Day Fieldtrip."

Thank you, Manila City Government, for maintaining most of the places there well and not asking for entrance fees. 

A date doesn't have to be expensive especially when there are many places/parks waiting for you. It's being together that matters most anyway so why spend lots of money? Try visiting our very own Rizal Park this Heart's month or whenever you want and see for yourself how beautiful it is now. 

COMMUTING DIRECTION via LRT 1: Get off at United Nations or Central Avenue Station, it's walk-able from there or just ride a jeepney 'cause places that are walking distance are also relative.

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