Kaya Korean Restaurant

"Are we both just gonna head home? Without even eating?"
"Erm, where do we eat?"
(ERM. Okay, ERM. Natawa rin ako nung binasa ko ulit. Erm. HAHAHA. Say erm nga in a cute way.)

Looking around the available restaurants, we saw Kaya. I missed you, Korean Cuisine.

Mango Shake
I usually forgo drinks if they're not  included in a value meal. Kind of rare for me to drink shake in a restaurant.

Dolsot Bibimbap 
And I don't know what this is.
I've eaten Kaya's cocktail foods before when we attended an exhibit opening (kimbap, pajon, and that spicy chicken) but dining in their restaurant, it was the first time.

 I am unaware of other Korean Restaurant's usual food prices. Kaya Restaurant, for me though, was overpriced considering the quantity and quality of food. There's nothing extra-ordinary about it and the serving was quite small for its price. Paid more or less P 500.00 for two mango shakes and a serving dolsot bibimbap. Enlighten me, it's that a fair pricing? Haha. Anyway, you can always find cheaper and delicious Authentic Kor Restos outside malls and I've been to a few and they even give out banchan unlike here where you'd have to pay for an order of kimchi. Hey, that's a sidedish and most of time it's served free. -_-  (Example: CAFE MONACO; Dolsot Bibimbap with sidedish priced at P 140.00 January last year.)

Kaya pa bang bumalik I don't think so but okay to try naman. Malaymow. :)

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