Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Bangui Windmills

Save the best for last!
Subjectively, this is the best spot for that day. You know why? It's the place in Ilocos that I've been wanting to see.

"Gaano kaya kalaki 'yun sa totoong buhay?"
"Gusto ko rin maramdaman kung gaano kalakas 'yung hangin dun."

Huhuhu. Bangui Windmills/ Bangui Wind Farm, I love you!! HAHAHAHA.

I don't know if it's fail or not, but we arrived there several minutes before sunset so the pictures we have in there weren't the best. Lol, whatever. 

Since I can't take good pictures anyway, not minding my camera allowed me to savor the moment. The Ilocos wind, the Bangui Bay with the gigantic windmills on the side. It's more emotional than it should be, isn't it? :)))

It's like the place told me, "Isn't the world so beautiful?"

I was like, "It sure is."

Apparently, it made me want to travel and explore. As far as I can and as much as I can. Yay to more intense wanderlusting. Boo to where should I get the funds. HAHAHA.
The mere experience was enough.

In that moment, Ilocos Mission? ACCOMPLISHED! :))
We then drove to Pagudpud where we'll be staying for two nights.
Finally, bath!!!!! 
And for my dinner? ILOCOS EMPANADA.
Super sarap, for only P 40.00


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