Gelatissimo, Trinoma

Break muna from the series long Ilocos Tour posts, it was harder than I thought.

Time fleets! Once again, it's Heart's Day.

Sweet. My blog is #143 today. I love you! Valentine's na Valentine's lang ang peg. hehe

It's my first time eating here at Gelatissimo albeit passing by their branch in Trinoma for many times already. My friend and I had some sort of a quick date. Really, it was less than two hours.

Upon entering the store, I immediately spotted the green colored gelato. Oh em, green tea! <3 

I was only meaning to order one flavor but then the other variant names caught my attention so I ordered two more. Very Valentine's-ish.

3 flavors for P 190.00 with a free bottled water

What did I get aside from Green Tea?

"I'm Just Not Ready" and "Love is Blind"  
I got "Love is Blind" because all the other variants that I wanted to order were all chocolates: 
"It's Not You, It's Me," "No Strings Attached" and "Far Too Confused" Okay, fine, I wanted to get them not because of the flavors per se but their names. 

Love isn't blind! It sees but doesn't mind. HAHAHAHAHA. Joke. I know that love can be blinding sometimes. And I don't blame anyone who has become so stupid and gaga over love. But most of the times, you also have to use your brain. :)

And save the best for last, my green tea!

For the singles of the world, I hope that there isn't much sulking today. I don't really get why people sulk and becomes bitter just because of Valentine's. Ano naman kung single ka? Pssh. 

View the season of singleness "as a time for growth and service that we shouldn't take for granted or allow to slip by." - I Kissed Dating Goodbye
 Darating din 'yun! 'Yung taong magmamahal sa'yo.
Baka bukas, o sa isang araw, o sa susunod na taon, o sa susunod na dekada, o sa susunod na minuto. hehehe

Happy Valentine's! <3

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