Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Blue Lagoon

Still in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte... here's Blue Lagoon.
Another paradise up North! <3

Look at that aqua-blue water, in just one glance you'd be enamored with its beauty.
It deserves to be called "Blue Lagoon," it has all the rights. :))

We arrived there maybe around 11 A.M, yes, when the sun's at its hottest, you are to swim and get darker. That's what beaches are for!! Unleashing a darker skin color in you.
But whatever.
I have the rest of the year to use whitening lotions.
And I don't have fair skin anyway, I'm morena and proud.
Even negring on some days(like now) yet still proud. HAHAHAHA
To show you how high the waves are and how clear the water is...
Our lunch.
'Yung existence ko sa beach was like my name that I wrote on the sand.
It was only there for a while and got washed away by the waves as soon as I took this picture. Just like my stay in the Blue Lagoon, I was only there for a few hours but the fact that I was there at one point will never change and since I had my pictures taken; those proofs would last me a long, long time.
I want to return in the future.
Please, let it remain unspoiled.

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