Cafe Noriter, Taft (DLSU and CSB Area)

I have no idea about the place and its interior prior to going there so it was a sweet surprise. That given, I also won't spoil how the whole cafe looks like but I'll be putting here some photos of the decorations and legal vandals that caught my attention.

P 155.00

The reason why someone told me to go there was to try their "green tea frappuccino" but unluckily, it was out of stock. Our choco chip drinks were delicious too. It was just that when you're looking forward to eat/drink something and didn't get the chance to do so, there's a slight feeling of disappointment, I craved for my green tea frappe. But yea, a second time at Noriter wouldn't hurt. Next time, green tea frap, next time.

Look for these vandals and designs when you go there, will you? :)

So it was a Korean Cafe? That detail wasn't given to me beforehand. 
If you read this using the my old school's calligraphy, this would have read "Little Fhings"

Not a small person friendly place. Hahaha. The mirror was kinda high I had to tiptoe.

놀다 reads nol(r)-da which means to play
놀이터 reads nor-i-teo which means playground 

If only I had an artistic side of me, I would have also left my piece of art there.
놀이터, 안녕. 또 보자!

Bye, Noriter. See you again!

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