Ilocos Tour - Day 3 - Bye, Saud!

Our second morning and it's a goodbye.

It's cold and windy.
 Look at my pale hands.

Now with a more haggard face with bigger and darker eyebags.
Bye, Windmills. Bye, Saud. I hate to bid goodbye but I have to.
Bye, Pagudpud.
It was so fun while it lasted.
See you again!

And for our breakfast in this carinderia where everything was overpriced, I drank coffee again!
Maybe I'd prefer to call it that I'm just not a coffee drinker instead of someone who doesn't drink coffee at all. Because if there aren't anymore choices, a glass of hot coffee on a cold morning will do.

P 40.00 for one scrambled egg, P 10.00 for a serving of rice, P 10.00 for a cup of hot water and P 15.00 for a sachet of coffee.
I don't get how the egg became so expensive! Seriously? Did you put gold flakes in there or something? And the other carinderias we ate at, they didn't asked us to pay for a cup of hot water. Good thing she didn't asked us to pay the rentals of the chairs and tables and her utensils. Total rip-off, that lady!
Native Bawang and Sibuyas.
All hail the queen of native garlic and onions. Hahaha.
3 tali for 100.00 lang po!

Wow, um-okay na ang eyebags ko. :))

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