Ilocos Tour - Day 2 - Kabigan Falls and Saud Beach

After Blue Lagoon's saltwater, here's Kabigan Falls with its fresh and cold water. :)

I don't know the exact time of our trek just to get to the falls but it's approximately 30-40 minutes one way.
The view itself is enjoyable, you'd forget that it's actually trekking that you're doing.

The best footwear would be sandals or flip flops because you'd pass by small streams.
Thanks to the locals for building bridges which make the whole trek much easier.

And oh, that's already Kabigan Falls at the back.
80 feet tall falls at the back.
Notice that I am carrying two bags, the other one containing my "swimwear" but we chickened out because the water was too cold!
But still waded for the experience.
Our tour guide in Kabigan Falls must really really love taking pictures.
She showed us all the picture spots and told us to post them in Facebook for the others to see. She even asked us to give her our cameras so she can take our pictures while walking.

Must-drink after a long walk. Just make sure there are restrooms!
Support local tourism! Visit Kabigan Falls. ;)
On our way back a guy asked me, "Ate? Kamusta 'yung falls? Malayo pa ba?"
I was like, "Uhm, malamig at maganda at oo, malayo pa."

HAHAHAHA. I don't know if that was a weird answer but those words perfectly described the falls! Maganda at malamig!!!!! 
Another Empanada for dinner.
On the second night we tried to walk around the Saud beach area, to tell you it's lights off  as early as 9PM.

In there I saw the best night sky I've seen my whole life, not to mention that I saw two falling stars!

Why the best?  A night sky filled with too many twinkling stars in a place where you didn't even have to raise your head up high and strain your neck muscles to see stars... the sky stretches in front of you! If only my eyes can record and printscreen images of that wonderful sight, I would.

It's just a disappointment that my phone application google night sky map didn't work there, ugh not when there are a lot of constellations above! Good thing I know which of them were The Small Dipper and Orion.
And oh, we saw The Big Dipper too.

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