Razon's of Guagua

P 105.00

Homemade Burger with fries and a small glass of iced tea
It was an okay burger which isn't oily and you're allowed to put as much mayo and catsup as you'd like. hehehe
As always though, Razon's halo-halo is the star of every visit.

A star of every visit even on a rainy and cold day. (Hello Feb. 22! Why are you raining all day?)

This cost per order is P 95.00. Unlike the other kinds of  halo-halo there aren't a lot of ingredients in this one but it's mouth-watering despite that.

I think Pampanga's halo-halos aren't like those us, from NCR, are used too. In my (Arayat?) Pampanga visit a few years back, I was also able to eat another Pampanga "version" of halo-halo which didn't have that much ingredients either yet tastes good and is several pesos cheaper than Razon's. Though of course, travelling to Pampanga just to eat that is more expensive than just visiting the nearest branch near you, right? Masarap 'to, and mej nakaka-adik. Malapit na summer pa naman!

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