Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Crisologo Musuem and Marcos Museum / Mausoleum

 I've always known Calle Crisologo (well-known heritage street, fyi) but it is only then when I learned who the Crisologos' are in the history of Vigan.

Their ancenstral house, now, a museum,

Floro Crisologo, a congressman, was shot in a church while in church. His blooded pants is still on display in this musuem.

On the other hand, his wife, Carmeling Crisologo, a governor, was ambushed in her car but survived. The car is also on display in the museum.

I am not sure what came first between these two unfortunate events but these were the facts I heard while roaming around there.
Family Patriarch
I saw a familiar name, Bingbong Crisologo,  whom I believe is also in office Quezon City.

I have visited the same kind of museum few years ago, I just don't remember where exactly and whose house was it. But like before places like this, though I try not mind it that much, gives me an unsettling feeling.  Or maybe the story that lives in this old house is the disturbing thing.Oh well, it's our history. Dirty or not, you've got to know a thing or two.

Next stop.
Marcos Museum

We didn't walked around here that much, we just entered the place where Former President Marcos' body lies.

Inside the mausoleum, is his embalmed body that has been on public display since 1993.
Was it a wax replica or an embalmed body; I just hope for him to be buried in the heroes' cemetery already. I don't know  a lot about the Marcos regime but since he has also done a lot of things for the country, he deserves as much.
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