Ilocos Tour - Day 1 - Baluarte ni Chavit and Burnayan

Also known as Fortress of Vigan, is where Gov. Chavit Singson's house is located and it is also a home to a lot of animal species. Okay, it's an interactive mini-zoo which doesn't require the visitors to pay any entrance fees yet the animals and the place itself are well taken care of.
Lots of people and fieltrippers sure visit the place.
I know that the animals in there are well taken care of, they even have the whole place as their playground since they can freely roam around but I can't help but feel for this miniature horse. Did the other horses outcast-ed you or something? 
Since the photo-op for this tiger isn't open yet, this would suffice.
Ang maangas na tigre. Ang gwapo lungz! 
Sweater sweater din. Tiis sa pawis kasi sobrang mainit talaga.

A butterfly from the butterfly garden.
You'd just be told to give donations for a closer encounter with birds. I gave P 20.00 for a kiss in the head. :))
And while doing photo-ops with the birds, this ostrich came out rushing from their fence. Really, ostrich? Want a picture with us too?

Next is Burnayan, also called Pagburnayan.

Burnay jars are those earthware jars crafted by a potter's hand by using a potter's wheel. They are used to store food, fish sauce, basi (a local wine) and other stuffs.
But look.
 Relaxing in one of the store's bench was Vans, a husky. Not minding the danger of going near a stranger dog,  I just walked towards him to take a picture and as the guy from the store said, "He's harmless." I immediately sat on the chair.
Gosh as if I'm his owner whom he has been waiting to see.
Bye, Vans.
Thank you for the welcome hug and failed attempts to kiss/lick me in the face. hahaha. 
Mr. Craftsman while doing miniature versions of Burnay jars. 
And I am posting his face too 'cause he was like, (to my friend)
"Ayoko na nga gumawa, kamay ko lang naman kinukuhanan mo ng litrato!"
Here you go, sir. Hindi lang picture, andito pa 'yung mukha mo.
Huge ground kiln where jars are baked.
The guys there told us that it is safe to enter the "oven" so we could take better pictures, but I was kinda scared to do  so. A picture near the kiln's entrance was enough.


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  1. I really hope the management of Baluarte, as well as the tourists, come to realize that they should be more sensitive to the plight of the dwarf horses. The Baluarte offers free carriage rides by the dwarf horses to their detriment. Today, I witnessed a sight of exhausted and wounded dwarfed horses being whipped every 3 seconds so as to carry a load of an average of 3 adults at a quicker pace. Animals are not machines and people should be more aware of this. Attached is a photo of one of the wounded and very exhausted dwarf horses.