USA 2016: First Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, Nevada

After posting the random photos I took, back to the last three days I spent in Las Vegas. 

This day was exhausting for me - physically and emotionally.

Physically because I haven't had a good night sleep for the past days 'cause of our Lake Tahoe - Reno - San Francisco trip. That trip has taken a lot of time from preparation, casino all nighters in hopes to earn extra pocket money, final paperworks for the moving out from the apartment, long drives etc. and then emotional obviously because I had to leave Vegas in three days time. 

It was past six when I arrived at the strip. The traffic congestion was a bit unfamiliar to me. That was first time I experienced Vegas having that much cars because of the Electronic Daisy Carnival that happened that weekend. 

It was passed seven when I settled in my hotel room at the 37th floor of Planet Hollywood Hotel. I was alone in a twin room for three days. YAYAMANIN PLEASE!

This was my room and I had this all to myself for that entire weekend. I will be posting a proper review of Planet Hollywood Hotel in another post, just felt like I had to show this to you prior that post.

That whole night was really depressing to me to be honest. 
Now that I've thought of it though, I could've done something better to make use of my time. haha! But you know, when you've read somewhere that it's okay to allow yourself to be sad and then right there and then, have that stupid idea to actually be sad - unnecessarily sad that is. :)) 

Good night, Las Vegas. 

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