Sambokojin is now in SM Fairview!!!

Yup, you read that right!

The Master of Buffet Cuisine has branched out up north!
The sixth and newest branch of Sambokojin Buffet is now open at G/F Annex 2, SM Fairview. 

I've eaten for a lot of times in Sambokojin at both their West Avenue and SM Megamall branches. Want to check them out? Links: here. and here. 

Since the SM Megamall branch was outstanding for me already, I wasn't really looking forward to new stuff but Sambokojin has surprised me once again. It has been more than a year since I last ate there and oh boy, it just keeps getting better and better! 

The next part would be some pictures I took when I was there. Ready? Better be! 'Cause these pictures will show you a GLIMPSE of an unforgettable culinary journeys of Korea and Japan.

Let's start?

Widest sushi options! 

I always start of my buffet visit with sushi as my appetizer. Haha! I don't know the names of each of these but one thing's for sure. They are a delight not only to the eyes but to the palate as well. Sarap, bes!

There are too many options that it felt like even if I had taken lots of pictures already, still was not enough. haha! And just imagine all the possibilities 'cause you can eat as much as you want! Dito talagang see food diet!

These are the real appetizers though. 

Oh my, may carving section na!? 

These premium meat carvings are Buta Hara Rosuto (roast pork belly), Hitsugi Rosuto (roast leg of lamb) and Gyuniku Rosuto (roast beef).

Not only do you have several meat to choose from, you also have several sauces! Huhu! I love that the roast pork belly was very crunchy and the roast beef was flavorful and tender. 

In the usual party experience, when you're one of the last people to queue in line in a buffet and there's lechon baboy, you wouldn't even get the chance to try the pig's skin. That's not the same here though, I kept passing by this area but there always ware pork slices with crispy skin. So obvious, noh? Isa talaga kong balat hoarder. haha! Kung nagkasama tayo dati sa party, baka ako 'yung dahilan kung bakit hindi ka na nakakain ng balat. :D

More options for the Japanese cuisine!

Some of these are takoyaki, sukiyaki, okonomiyaki, robatayaki, katsu and furai. You can also order kamameshi rice. 

Korean appetizers/ Banchan and sauces for your samgyeopsal! 

For other Korean cuisine options, they have Galbi Jjim, Beef Bulgogi, Kimchi Rice, Bibimbap, Chapchae, etc.

Premium Seafood and Meats for grilling.

Sambokojin is the perfect place for celebrations. With these options, there will surely be something for everyone! From the kids to the grandparents, from that person who eats everything to the pickiest eater.

Especially for a family get-together, choosing where to eat is actually the hardest. Why? We have different preferences when it comes to food or sometimes, people arrive late that most of the food orders have been eaten. With Sambokojin's consistently complete and regularly replenished buffet dishes? Problem solved! Daming options at laging meron!

Sukiyaki, Ramen, Udon, Soba and other noodles for all of your noodle cravings. 

Fry options!

Maniwala ka, laging may shrimp tempura. Di naga-agawan bes, chill ka lang. 

Different flavors of Korean Fried Chicken and Katsus

If you can notice, most of their food are properly labeled. Walang experience kumain ng Japanese or Korean cuisine? No problem! Dito ka na magsimulang matuto. 

Drinks are included already.

Look at all the available drinks that you can get and there are also a lot of shake options that you can ask for. 

Grilling time!

Yakiniku / Korean Barbecue

If you have no prior experience with using grills like this, you can ask the attendants to help you. Pero hindi eh, for me the grilling should be done by you. Mas masaya! It's a smokeless grill by the way so no worries that you'll smell like food once you step out of Sambo. 

This is what I'm talking about.

They wrap cheese, sweet potato and crab sticks in meat slices. My favorite is the cheese one topped with Sambokojin's version of teriyaki sauce! I ate too much that I didn't even mind having dinner that day. 

Aside from the juices, I also asked for four seasons shake and mango shake just because I can. haha! Drinks are now included and interchangeable but make sure to only get food that you can consume because there's a charge of P 200.00 for left-overs. 

Remember your table number because some buffet items can be ordered and delivered to your table. 

Look for the place where I sat. Chos. :))

SM Fairview branch is currently their largest branch with 140 tables that can accommodate 300 - 400 diners. Also, take notice of the wall design. So Japanice! So Japanese, I mean! 

Ready na for dessert?

Make sure to leave enough space for your dessert.

In the picture above are all three cakes that I like. I'm glad they have their versions of a green tea cake, japanese cheesecake and ube mousse!

Did you know that Sambokokin has now to-go options? Thanks to their Goodness To Go that even if someone wasn't able to go to the buffet and celebrate with you, you can bring some home for them just like these cakes. The prices for each food item vary. 

Instagram worthy dessert? Di lang! Drool worthy at more calorie intake worthy din! haha!

You can ask Kuya chef to make you a crepe.

Fresh fruit slices and this cutie owl fruit carving.

Nakakapagod din ah. haha!

Gora na gora na ba?

WAIT LANG! Wala pa 'yung star of the meal, at least for me. :))

Ito na!!!!!!!!!!

Ice cream!!!!

Chocolate, Mocha, Vanilla, Orange, Strawberry and MATCHA!!!! M.A.T.C.H.A!!!!!!
Ang OA ko ba? haha! Pero seriously though, ito talaga nilu-look forward ko in every Sambokojin visit. Matcha ice cream!! 

For more arte and just because I can put everything I can think of with my matcha ice cream, I asked Kuya to make me a crepe and put scoops of matcha ice cream in it. Of course, hindi ako kuntento so I added one more scoop on top. 

Kahit may vanilla, strawberry, mocha, chocolate, orange ice cream pati na ibang flavors ng gelato e ikaw pa rin pipiliin ko kasi matcha made in heaven tayo.❤ LUH

I will definitely see you again, Sambokojin!!

These are the prices.

Also, as you can see in the picture, they have several promos. 

1. Free Birthday Buffet Promos - maliban pa sa papakitaan ka nila ng super bonggang song and dance number, makakakain ang birthday celebrant for 7 consecutive days (3 days before, 3 days after) basta magdala lang siya ng isang full paying adult. Celebrants just need to present any valid document with proof of birthdate and photo identification. 

2. Every group of ten can claim one free buffet when dining. You may also get a Sambokojin Frequent Diner Card wherein, you receive a free buffet for one when you complete the 10 stamps.

Visit Sambokojin at the Ground Level, Annex 2 of SM City Fairview.

Contact numbers: 921-5172, 921-5175, 921-5177 or 09999975177. 

You can also log on to: 

Like their Facebook page: here. 

Follow us on Instagram: Sambokojin, xtintina.

Thank you! :D


Reading this before Sambokojin reach 20,000 followers on their Instagram page?

Follow the mechanics and get the chance to celebrate with your barkada at their newest branch FOR FREE! 

Thank you, Sambokojin for a very filling lunch! Love you forevs. See you soon. Chos! Jowa lang. haha! #foodisbae

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