USA 2016: Back to Vegas from San Francisco, California

After eating at the Food Park, we braced ourselves for the ride back to Las Vegas and for the heartache that will come days after.
We passed through Daly City in San Mateo, California first before driving back to Las Vegas, Nevada.

I had to stay awake for 8 hours! hahahaha. I felt a bit sorry for our driver/friend because I fell asleep most of the time while in the car so in order to make up for those sleep, I made sure that I remain awake that entire drive.
It must be because I was feeling sad already that I didn't even fell asleep that whole time which is very rare for me during a long drive - no, that was actually the first time that I stayed awake for a drive. Hehe!
Though I didn't see a lot of wind turbines just like those in Palm Springs, California this mountainous area have their own wind farm too. The rest of the roads were dark after sunset (reflectors only) so I wasn't able to take pictures anymore. We passed through a mountain range and used the interstate for most part of the drive so there wasn't a lot to see anyway. I'm pretty sure the view's very beautiful in the morning though. 
We arrived in Las Vegas at around 4 AM.
Ito na 'yun. Ito na 'yung gamit ko. Ito na 'yung buhay ko. Haha! Mace lang. I bought a Bath and Body Works mist in Reno and two mugs at Starbucks in San Francisco. 

I moved out of my apartment before the Lake Tahoe - Reno - San Francisco trip so I had a friend keep my luggages for me. It's a bit embarrassing to wake her up at that hour so we decided to just head to the laundry room to wash our used clothes while waiting for the sunrise. The laundry takes an hour, and the drier takes another hour so I was kind of able to sleep for several minutes. 

Of all the days they were to go walwal (drinking until you pass out and wake up very late and lost the next day), they chose that day. I was expecting that I can bathe or something but I couldn't wake them up even if I tried to knock and call their phones for several times so I spent that entire morning walking at the mall, at the casino, and the apartment complex. 

I was awake for more than 36 hours though I had 10-30 minutes naps in between. Partida lang na sa lakwatsa kaya kering-keri. Lampake. 
Took this picture sometime before sunrise. 

This was my home for three months and this was my last morning there. </3 Sakit! Sobrang bilis lang. Pero 'yun nga, kagaya ng lahat ng sakit e pino-proseso lang 'yan. Naka-move on na ko ngayon. hehe!

Truth be told, I only felt homesick once. That night when I first slept alone in my room, I posted something like, "At the end of the day, we still miss home." but that was about it. 

Sobrang feel at home eventually that some days, I was even able to sleep for 8 straight hours. <3 It was definitely a good decision coming here in this place despite all the drama that we experienced. At first, I was thinking of finding a place in San Diego just so I'd be closer to a relative but I chose to stay in Vegas mainly to challenge myself. It all feels like a dream to me now. Knowing that I was able to go to those places but kind of thinking that they were too good to be true even if they really did happen. hahaha! 

So before I post about my last three days in Vegas, I'll first post about the random pictures I took on our "regular days".

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