EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Review and Colourpop Lippies

Gulong gulo ka na ba? Ako rin! hahaha. Litong lito na ko sa mga napo-post dito. :)) Naka-stuck pa sa US Trip ko 'yung mga scheduled posts pero keri lang, patapos na 'yon. Hopefully, katuparan na ng isa sa mga pangarap ko 'yung next. Chos!

Nga pala, inis na inis ka na ba kasi kahit anong gawin mo, tuyo at puro linya pa rin labi mo pero mas pinipili mo pa rin mga matte lipsticks mo? Ako rin. Pero nakahanap na ko ng paraan para mawala at ito na nga 'yon. 

What will be the contents of this post?



Believe it or not, I almost brought everything with me when I went to the states. Even the immigration officer in Los Angeles Airport scolded me for bringing two kilos of rice grains. HAHAHA! Well, I was a first-timer and those were the days when I thought I wouldn't last a day without eating a rice meal. What's the connection of rice and lip balms? I also brought five lip balms with me so I had no reason to look for more lip balms while in the states. 

While living there 

I got to own my first lipsticks from Colourpop which are their Matte X's in Love Life, Trust Me, Cami, and Bootie.

Trust Me on my lips link: here.
Cami on my lips link: here.
Bootie on my lips link: here. 

I ordered another set of lipsticks from Colourpop because I decided that I'll bring home some for my closest friends. I ordered Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks in Bumble and Bad Habit and Ultra Satin Lipstick in Lyin' King for myself.

Lyin' King on my lips: here.
Bumble on my lips: here.

(Want to own an authentic Colourpop Lipstick? Go to BeautyMNL's website because they started selling CP last weekend. Link: here.)

So anong connect?

The past several weeks, I noticed that I stopped wearing my reds (Lyin' King, an USL was my favorite) and instead reached for my Cami, Nude Nuance and Bumble often which are all matte lipsticks.

I thought that HHN wasn't doing a very good job in making my lips smooth overnight especially when it's Bumble that I wore all throughout the day. That's the reason why several weeks ago, I had this brilliant idea of putting coconut oil and honey on my lips before going to sleep because it'll be very moisturizing, they said; you'll have smoother lips when you wake up, they said.

Do you know what I woke up to? The horror of having irritated and rough lips. Small itchy bumps developed on my upper lip too.

What I did was just use my HHN lip balm for several days until my lips went back to normal, the peppermint in it helped with the alleviation of the itchiness and the rough skin and bumps slowly disappeared.

 Then, I remembered I still have two unopened EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm with me that I was saving as a pasalubong for a friend. Given the fact that I bought those for somebody else, I never thought of opening them. But I'm impulsive like that so I got the dark pink one and opened it. What happened? Wala ng pasalubong si friend. Both EOS Spheres are mine now. lol. :)) 

Click Read More at your own risk. HAHAHA. 

It does an excellent job in moisturizing my dehydrated lips overnight. It's all natural and free from parabens and petrolatum. I mean, I apply all sorts chemicals in my lips during the day so don't they deserve products with no chemicals at night? (Being all natural is also the reason why I used HHN for years.)

 As you would notice, I don't suffer from having dry lips. It's also rare that they peel. The thing is, they get very wrinkly and develop prominent lines especially if I wore UML for the entire day. Yup! The culprits are Colourpop's Ultra Matte Lipsticks but I'm the one adjusting here and finding ways to make "US" work because I love those lippies too much. HAHAHA. 

I made sure to take photos as proofs and look how kapal I am that I had the guts to post these pictures here for everyone to see.

The first picture was taken before I sleep, the second picture was taken when I woke up. See the difference?! 

Maybe my water intake is also a factor or whatever since HHN didn't produce the same result when I use it overnight.

My hoarder self couldn't keep still when I discovered this. I've been looking everywhere for an EOS lip balm and to my disappointment, all I can find here in the Philippines are imitations. No, thanks! I'll never risk it. Discovering EOS when I'm already back home is actually a good thing 'cause knowing that I am a hoarder and it costs less than $4 there, I would've blown up my budget and bought all the available flavors. Haha! I'm pretty sure though that S&R sold this before in packs of five for P 999.00. Sana ibalik nila! 

Look at how pale my lips are.

However, using EOS as an overnight lip moisturizer isn't an okay thing to do when you're thinking of using a Colourpop Matte Lipstick whether it be MatteX or the Ultra Matte Liquid. I noticed that I end up with more patchy looking lipstick so I just take it off even before leaving the house. For days when I'll be using my Colourpop Mattes, it's still HHN lip balm the night before and it's EOS the night after.

What now?
Anong pinaglalaban ko?

Totoong woke up like this kasi ang peg kaya ni-blur ko na lang at nilagyan ng effect. Haha!

I'm preparing my lips for the upcoming "drought" 'cause I ordered some Colourpop's Ultra Matte and Ultra Satin Lipsticks last month. As of posting this, they're currently in transit to the Philippines and I hope they reach me soonest. #readyforfall, beshy! haha! 

The colors of all their Fall Edit Lipsticks were too nice for me to say no to. Kainis! :( HAHAHA. I couldn't help it!! 

I'll be swatching my new babies when they arrive.

So ito na 'yon.

Realizing the value of something when you no longer have easy access to it. I always see EOS in Walmart every time I did groceries and Colourpop Lipsticks were just 3-5 days away with free shipping when I was in the States. Oh well, that's life. It's not like the products we have here in the Philippines aren't that good. Diba nga, sa sobrang tiwala ko, dinala ko talaga lahat sa states. (Lotion, Cotton, Tissue, etc. HAHAHA!)

At least, these (more EOS and more Colourpop) products are still going to find their way to me eventually. :D 

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