USA 2016: Stratosphere Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada

If you ask me where is it that I regret not going to or I regret not trying, I'll tell you two things:

1. Choosing not to tag along when my friend went to the Grand Canyon National Park thinking that I'll have another chance. 

2. Choosing not to go all the way up the Stratosphere hotel. 

But you know, at least I left myself things to do during my Vegas version 2.0. Haha!

We were there eh!!!!!!!!!!

One of the regrets that I didn't do while in Vegas was to go to the topmost part of the Stratosphere! They have three rides there and a viewing area where you can see all of Vegas. :( The highest sana in all of Strip and Downtown Vegas. Sayang talaga!!!!!!! 
So we wanted to try a buffet and then we found out that if you sign up for Stratosphere's Membership Card, you'll get 25% off the buffet price. hahaha!! The funny thing is we did sign up because we wanted to avail of the discount but there's this Mobile Match thing which we did as a welcome event for the new members. Guess what? I won a free buffet!! hahaha. I was so happy 'cause that was around $20. :))

These are some of the buffet choices. While they were okay, hotel buffets here in the Philippines have more options than they have. Although yea, I don't think that Stratosphere is a five-star hotel unlike Shangri-la and Marriott.  (By the way, the best buffet for me was that of Barona's in California)

It wasn't bad but I'm glad I got to eat there for free. haha!

While the buffet is something you can miss out, make sure not to miss out the rides in Stratosphere!!!!! Make sure to go all the way up and take a picture with the sign "Highest point to view Las Vegas" . Okay??? It's just the tallest observation deck there (106 floors), don't worry. You can totally do it. 

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