Manila Creamery, UPTC

Yes, UPTC?
Mission ko na ata kainan lahat ng resto dyan. Char! :)

I've been trying to locate this in UPTC for months but I never had the chance to go farther than its old building where Merkado Supermarket is at which obviously is not the case this time.

After eating at Shawarma Bros, we headed to the Cinemas where a pop-up store of Manila Creamery is. 

Manila Creamery
A Gelato Company

Discounted prices are at P 85.00 (regular) and P 110.00 (premium) per scoop depending on which flavor you like. I can say that it's not bad especially since each cup has hefty contents in it - it's like 1 1/2 scoop to me. 

Their flavors are all very interesting 'cause they put the Filipino food specialties in a different light. I mean, it's a way which we can introduce "our" flavors to the world. Flavors that are unfamiliar in a way that's familiar - through gelato. Kung kagets-gets sana 'tong sinasabi ko ngayon edi okay sana, noh? 

It was almost closing time when we got there. As you can see, not a lot were left in each tub but we were still able to taste all of the options that night. 

I wasn't listening 'cause I got so engrossed in looking at the available gelato flavors so I didn't hear when exactly is their fixed store going to open but it's definitely within this month - October. 

Watch out for it 'cause I'll be back for more gelato fix! Haha! Seriously though, watch out for it! One of the best, guys! 'Yung feeling na gelato pero sariling atin, ganon. 

As we were taking photos of these four flavors (mangga suman latik, ube langka, huhu I forgot the other two), Jen - a blogger friend, made a very interesting and relevant hugot remark. hahaha!!! Here it is non-verbatim: Kailangan tikman muna lahat ng masarap bago mag-decide kung alin ang gusto. 

I borrowed it and posted my chosen flavors in my Facebook and Instagram page with the caption: 

'Yung kailangan mo muna tikman lahat ng mesherep bago ka pumili. || 'Yung pumili ka na pero hindi talaga pwede sa'yo na isa lang kaya humirit ka pa ng isa. (Pero inside joke 'to o isipin mo na lang gusto mo isipin. Haha!)

My first was their Blueberry Cheesecake Gelato.

Of all the available Philippines -inspired flavors, why blueberry cheesecake?

Sa simpleng dahilan, cheesecake na cheesecake ang lasa. huhu. Cheesecake na ginawang gelato. Gelato na ginawang cheesecake. Ansaya. 

Ube Gelato

This reminded me of my beloved ube from BaguioI've read articles saying that ube is the new matcha. Not that ube is inferior but they're totally not in the same field! Mahalin mo si ube as ube hindi dahil gusto mo palitan si matcha!!!! 

I also liked Davao Chocolate - their version of dark chocolate. I will definitely go back for that and their other flavors! haha! 

 Back to our hugot which stemmed out from our indecisiveness, I therefore conclude na meron mang mga bagay na dapat ka talagang mamili kung alin ang pinakagusto mo e kahit kailan hindi kasama dyan ang gelato. Hindi talaga kakayanin! Sobrang hirap. 

In fairness, match naman ang hugot at gelato, diba? Manila Creamery is gelato made the Manila way. Then, Manila is the capital of the Philippines na lahat na lang ng sabihin e kinapupulutan ng kanya-kanyang hugot! lol. Ikain mo na lang 'yang feelings mo, bes! Kasi buti pa 'tong gelato, worth it! :))

Curious ka ngayon kung ano difference ng ice cream sa gelato? 

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Thank you, Aldous!

Sa pagkain na lang muna ang forever!!! HAHAHA!

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