USA 2016: Silverton Hotel and Carwash in Sam's Club, Las Vegas, Nevada

This was my last day in Vegas. 

After attending mass, we went to Silverton Hotel. This isn't in the strip and its location, I am not sure if an RTC passes by it. However, I have always wanted to go there mainly because of their shark tank. I was a bit frustrated with the shark tanks back there since we weren't able to push through with the one in Mandalay Bay Hotel and the one in Legoland, California.

We entered Mi Casa restaurant to have our lunch. I forgot what these were but they're good and the serving was big. 

This is a sampler plate. I asked the waiter what their bestseller was 'cause if it was Mexican food in the US, I always went with burritos and I wanted something else that time so he suggested that I get this sampler plate. I liked the one on both ends - the left with pita bread and the right with cheese sauce on top.

Mi Casa Grill Cantina

From what I've heard, Silverton Hotel is quite popular among the Filipino community. Needless to say, there are a lot of concerts by the Filipino artists that are posted on their announcement board.

After eating lunch, we headed to the aquarium area and we chanced upon a mermaid show. 

I was just having this picture taken with her at the background but she approached and posed with me. :))

Funny that during my last three days there, I was able to do things that I have always wanted to do / or places that I wanted to go to. Nakasingit pa talaga 'tong Silverton eh. Katuwa. 

Indoor designs are very interesting. If you're renting a private car, have someone to drive you, or have the budget for a taxi, then better go out of your way and go to Silverton Hotel. 

Jubese. :))) Lampake. haha!

Another thing is this car wash. There was a smaller one in Maryland Parkway and I've always wondered how it felt like to be inside the car while it's being washed. My friend would then tell me to pay the $10 fee and we'll try it out. I was like, "Uhm no. Thank you."

So we went to Sam's Club near Silverton to do some grocery shopping and then headed to this car wash area. Grabe! Tuwang tuwa ako! hahaha! 

I was really amazed that I took a video of this and posted it on my Instagram account. By the way, that day was the last day of Spring and our temperature outside as seen in the car was 106 degrees Farenheit. 

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