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Whenever people ask me about the must-visit places in Pampanga, I would always tell them, "Hindi ko alam. Di pa naman ako namasyal masyado dun, kumain lang."

Yep, I haven't explored the tourists attractions in Pampanga but I'm quite aware of their culinary offerings since I've took part in a Culinary Tour there a few years back. In that tour, we went to some churches and a woodcrafting store but the majority of the activities we did was eat. Afterall, Pampanga is known as the "Culinary Capital of the Philippines." 

So will this Kapampangan Restaurant in UP Town Center be good enough for you to feel that you've travelled all the way to Pampanga? Let's see. 

I immediately thought that the interior of Pinac Restaurant from the woods in ceiling, the chandelier, the wooden chairs and tables and the wall decorations felt Kapampangan.

It was then later mentioned to us that those blocks of food in the ceiling were actually from an old church in Pampanga. 

Yes. We are the best people. <3

Life Peg. Haha! 

There's a place in Pampanga called Candaba Swamp. I went there before but I wasn't able to blog it. From what I remember, that place is a rice field during the dry season and fish pond during the wet season. 

We were served this very refreshing drink made of dalandan, mint, and cucumber. 

Bakit kaya sobrang dali magpataba? Haha! 

This one is a good appetizer especially since Pampanga is known for sisig. I just wish the slices were smaller because chunks keep falling off the thin crust of this pizza. As per the taste, it doesn't disappoint. 

Deep Fried Chicken Skin with Potato Chips

I wasn't trying this one out since it's just fried chicken skin. Pinag-awayan 'yan ni Popoy at Basha e, kakain pa ko? haha! But seriously, I didn't think that their version would be different but it actually was. Aside from the skin being crispy, it wasn't oily at all. Too late for me, medyo busog na ko nung na-realize kong ang sarap niya.

I am not a fan of oysters but I gave this a chance because the cheese topping made it look so good. The cheese made the taste of oyster more bearable for me. 

This is something my mom would like. Can't wait to bring her there.  

Hito balls with mustasa and buro

My brother have always mentioned buro to me but I never tried it because I don't find its smell appealing. Well, like the Kimchi of Korean Cuisine, buro is also an acquired taste. Tbh, it was good especially when paired with the hito ball. 

As per the instruction, eat it like samgyeopsal.

I got one hito ball, sliced it and put buro and vinegar inside then wrapped it with mustard leaf. I loved this healthier Filipino version of Samgyeopsal. 

Don't get me started with how delicious their vinaigrette is. I can have it with any dish.  

Beef Kare-Kare

This one's good, The sauce was just right, it wasn't overly thick and the beef was tender.

This is one of the food that I really missed eating - pata!!!!!!

The skin was crunchy but the meat remained tender.

Notice the Kapampangan version of atchara - theirs has ampalaya and eggplant which is kind of unusual but works.

Overly Loaded Pinoy Paella

This is good in it's own. Tipong, ikaw lang sapat na. :))

I mean, with all those toppings such as shrimp, egg, bagnet , squid. What can go wrong? 

Salted Egg Paro

 Salted egg flavored anything has been rising in popularity these days but I never tasted it when paired with shrimp until Pinac.

Eaten on its own, it may taste overpowering so make sure to squeeze the lemon slice first before taking a bite. The sourness of the lemon as it first hits your tongue before the sauce makes it a more interesting and more delicious flavor combination. Trust me on this one. Masarap on its own but the lemon makes it even better talaga. 

Time for dessert!

Their version of suman.

It wasn't overly sweet which I liked but this didn't become my favorite dessert for that night though. 

Alin kaya among the three ang pinakamagugustuhan ko? 


Obviously, hit na hit ang version nila ng s'mores! 

In UPTC for lunch?

Pinac is serving lunch buffet from 11 AM to 2 PM for only P 259.00.

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Pinác, UP Town Center
2/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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